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Jewelry Repair & Information

You expect Colorados's Best Quality at Lowest Prices, but did you know that we repair too?Jewelfire Diamonds has full service on site jewelry repair at each of our 3 locations.

 Jewelfire Diamonds offers a complete range of jewelry repair, alteration, and remount services including Gold, platinum and silver jewelry repair, laser welding, solders, ring sizing, stone setting, engraving, watch batteries, remounting, custom design and pearl restringing. Whether your piece is worn, damaged, or simply out of style, our attentive staff and experience jewelers are dedicated to extending the life of your jewelry.

 Jewelfire Diamonds can offer you full size, on-premise repair and manufacturing facilities to service all your jewelry needs. We work on gold, platinum, and silver jewelry. You will have the security and peace of mind knowing full-time jewelers will work on your jewelry and it will not leave our premises.

 All of our jewelry services begin with an initial consultation and inspection of your piece and includes a free estimate. Each piece is handled with the utmost respect and care. Clients can rest assured when jewelry is left in our care. Our high security vault provides peace of mind.


The following is a sample list of jewelry repairs we offer:


  • Shank work (including soldering, ring sizing, mounting assembly and installing).
  • All prong work (including retipping and replacing prongs).
  • Stone setting (including tightening, channel set, bezel set, bead set, pave' set and bright cutting).
  • Finishing (including epoxy, polishing & clean ring, satin finish, and Rhodium plating).
  • Chain repairs/soldering (including advanced chain repair, basic chain repair, chain braiding with soldering, jump ring solder and charm soldering).
  • Clasp repair (including spring rings, fish hook, lobster claw, box clasp and barrel clasp).
  • Pearl repair (including knotted restringing, restring without knots, drill pearl and glue pearl).
  • Engraving (including simple ring engraving and engraving setup).
  • Earring repair (including soldering post, screw-back and post conversion, lever-back drop conversion and converting bracelet link to earring conversion).
  • Fabrication (including rebuilding bezel, seat and channel sets, gold link rebuilding, gold link addition/removal and bail repair).
  • Platinum (basic and advanced platinum welding and ring sizing).
  • Miscellaneous (including fabrication, gold testing and diamond testing).
  • Watch link removal, battery replacement



Frequently Asked Questions about Jewelry Repair

  • Can you repair or fix any type of jewelry? We can fix most jewelry that is brought in the store, however we can't work on stainless steel or titanium. We cannot resize these metals.
  • What limitations do you have, when up-sizing or downsizing rings? Most rings are only made to be sized about 3 sizes up or down, but over the years we have been able to go past that. We stand behind our craftsmanship and in the event a repaired item has further issues, we will take all steps to satisfy our customers.
  • Can you replace a battery on any type of watch, ? We can replace batteries on most watches except Eco-Drive Watches
  • Can you create custom jewelry designs? Yes, this is Our Specialty!


Laser Welder

Jewelfire Diamonds has added a Laser Welder to our long list of tools which eliminates so many problems with design and repair. Mostly it eliminates the need to apply heat from the soldering torch which keeps stones, enamels and thin metals safe. This allows us to restore and repair jewelry that is considered too delicate or fragile. The laser welder makes it possible to do repairs that were once impossible. Designing and constructing custom pieces with the laser has given us much more freedom to create truly amazing designs. Laser welding is possible on most metals ranging from gold, platinum, silver, titanium, gold filled, pewter, and copper.


Bring your jewelry to Jewelfire Diamonds for a free estimate and let our expert staff take care of you.


Watch Battery and Watch Bands

We also offer a battery and watchband changing service. Jewelfire Diamonds does a huge watch battery replacement business! We literally change thousands of watch batteries each year. Because of the dangers inherent with opening the back of a watch, "you shouldn't try this at home." Unfortunately, that is exactly the reason why it is so difficult to find a place you can have this service performed. It gets very costly when inexperience leads to the breaking of a crystal or slips that damage the movement inside of a valuable watch.


We have the experience, the tools and the means by which you can have your watch batteries replaced.


When Jewelfire Diamonds repairs or customizes your jewelry you will:


  • Relax knowing you have someone reliable and reputable to do quality work.
  • Have the benefit of dealing with a recognized and trusted jeweler for over 30 years! .
  • Be guaranteed your jewelry to be inspected for quality assurance.
  • Have the pleasure to wear your jewelry again with confidence!
  • Join our growing family of satisfied customers.