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Bracelet Guide

Bracelets are an excellent gift idea for those looking for a unique way to show affection. A bracelet is an item that both the wearer and the admirer can see and appreciate. It will be a visible reminder of the person who bought it.

When considering which bracelet to buy, it is good to keep in mind the personality of the wearer. If it is intended for everyday use, you want to make sure it is durable. Bracelets are generally worn when going out or on special occasions and are not meant to be worn while doing manual labor.

To pick the correct length, you may try to find a way to secretly take an existing bracelet or watch and measure it, or you can size the wrist with a measuring tape or ribbon. The average bracelet length for women is 7 inches and the average for men is 8 inches.

Pearl and Gemstone

Pearl bracelets provide a classic look that can dress up any outfit for many occasions. For a quick, throw-on piece, many turn to the colorful pearl stretch bracelets that offer a versatile and trendy look. If you are looking for the traditional pearl look to match a set, there are many options with gold and silver clasps. Gemstone and diamond tennis bracelets also provide a classically beautiful look. There a many varieties of mixed gem and single stone bracelets in gold and silver. These are great for birthday presents or anniversaries.


There are many chain varieties available today. If you are seeking a larger piece to make a bold fashion statement, there are many options in sterling silver bracelets - from large links to interwoven chains - there is a style for everyone. If you are looking for a more delicate or dainty bracelet, diamond cut gold and silver link bracelets are provide a stylish and elegant look for any outing.

Bangles and Cuffs

Bangles are a great way to set an outfit off. Whether you're seeking to make a bold statement with stacks of multiple bangles or you are looking for a simple accent piece - bangles are an excellent choice for promoting your style in a timeless fashion. There are many sterling silver and gold options with intricate, etched designs for those wanting something more detailed. Or there are simple, minimal statement pieces if you're just looking to compliment your current jewelry.

Charm bracelets are a great way to tell a story about significant memories and celebrate life’s every moment. For those seeking a more traditional charm bracelet, there are many styles of link bracelets in gold and sterling silver, as well as a variety of charms in each category. Today many have gravitated toward bead charm bracelets as a unique way to show their style and tell a story with colorful beads.

Earring Guide

Earrings are an excellent, stress free gift choice! They don't require sizing and are guaranteed to fit anyone with pierced ears. With the variety of styles and metal types, you are sure to find earrings for every occasion and personal taste. Below is a list of guides to help your search.

Stud Earrings 

These earrings go well with any outfit or style. Classic solitaire stud earrings are versatile and timeless.

Gemstone stud earrings are a great birthday present. Diamond stud earrings are an excellent choice for milestone achievements like an anniversary or graduation. If you are seeking a gift for a more trendy style, princess cut or cluster diamond stud earrings are a great choice. For a more traditional look, go for the round brilliant stud earrings.

There are also many plain silver and gold stud earrings as well as crystal studs with a variety of themes and fashions.

Dangle or Drop Earrings

For anyone seeking a more dramatic or whimsical look, dangle earrings are a great choice for any style. You can go big or small, simplistic or bold, whimsical or traditional - there is a fit for everyone at Satterfield's Jewelry Warehouse.

For those seeking a simpler look, try our gold or silver selection of dangle drop earrings. If you want something with sparkle, there is a wide variety of crystal and gemstone earrings that are sure to please. For upscale and trendy occasions, our diamond and fashion earrings are a great place to start.


Many consider hoops to be a staple in their earring collection. Hoops go with any occasion - dressed up or dressed down. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes, with and without stones, so there is sure to be something for any taste.

Small, plain hoops are a great place to start your search if you are looking for everyday-wear pieces to go with anything. If you're not sure which metal type to go with, look at what jewelry she commonly wears to see if it is mostly gold toned or silver toned. Jewelry Warehouse has a wide selection of yellow gold, white gold and silver hoops. Stainless steel has also become a popular choice for hoops, especially for those with skin allergies.

Earring Backs

Do you know what the name of the earring backing is on your earrings? Fish Hook? Stud? Lever Back? Below is a guide to help you know what those types of earring backs look like... also information about the many different styles of earrings that are available.

Stud or Push Back Earrings - These are the most simple of all earrings. These are the earrings they use to pierce your ears. They can be diamonds, gemstones, pearls, gold or silver balls that are on a metal rob that stick through the ear lobe, with a small backing to secure them. These are usually the starter earrings that everyone gets when you first get your ears pierced. Simple and classic... They never go out of style!

Hoop Earring Backs - Are also a classic style that never seem to go out of fashion. They are essentially just a hoop or round shape that goes through the ear lobe and hooks in the back. There are different types of hoop earrings, from diamond cut, metal hoops, hoops that are shaped (hearts, stars, etc.) hoops embedded with diamonds or CZs, hoops with dangling charms, simple gold hoops, etc. They can be hallow or solid, plain or filled with gemstones or sparkling diamonds. Huggie Hoop earrings, loop through the ear and snap itself on the other side of the ear lobe, so that you can't see the backing. Latch back hoop earrings, have a wire that is hinged on one side and snaps into a latch on the opposite side.

Drop Earrings - Lovely earrings that dangle off the ear. These earrings usually hang off a fish hook, or they dangle down from a lever back. These can include chandelier type earrings, which have different lengths dangling down off the ear. They can include metal, silver, gold and have gemstones dropping down.

Types of Earrings for pierced ears - A list of the types of earring backings that help secure the earrings on your ear. Some are stronger than others and some have screw on backs, to prevent loss of your favorite and cherished jewelry.

  • Fish Hook - It is curved like a hook, that goes through the ear. It's long enough that it normally doesn't have a backing.
  • Screw Back - This is a more secure stud earring backing as compared to the one that just slides on  the post. The backing screws in on the post and usually takes a little longer to put on your ears, but then you don't have to worry about losing your earrings.
  • Lever Back - The back is curved like a fish hook with an enclosure that latches behind the ear. Advantages of this type of earring backing is having it secure on your ear, so you won't have a chance of losing it.
  • French Back - It has a post that goes through a loop in the back, also sometimes called the "Omega" backing.
  • Latch Back - Is a hinged backing, usually on hoops that the post goes through.
  • Push Back - This is the most common earring backing. It is also sometimes called a "butterfly" back because of its shape. It just slides on the post behind your ear lobe.

Necklace Guide

Necklaces are a traditionally a very romantic gift. Many start out with a necklace as the first gift to give their girlfriend. They are also a great milestone gift for graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries. With the vast selection available today, you are sure to find something unique and fitting to the occasion.


Pearl strands are a classic gift that will never go out of style. There are many lengths and varieties that will suit many styles. In today's fashion world many wear multiple lengths and colors of pearls with a variety of outfits and events - both formal and informal, in business and in play.

For a classic, wear-with-anything look, many choose the 16 to 18 inch pearl strands. If you're looking for something a little more dramatic or trendy, the opera length pearls are a great choice. If you've already got the perfect white pearl strand and are seeking something unique, there are many unique shapes and colors available today that have become very popular.


Whether you have a pendant to go with the chain or are seeking the perfect stand-alone necklace, there are a variety of chain styles for both men and women. Stainless steel chains offer a great, men's selection at an incredible value. There are many different weight, length and style options in silver and gold chains.

Here is a list of the different chain types:

Anchor Chain: A oval linked style, based on the look of a boat anchor chain.

Ball Chain: A highly versatile chain with connected bead balls, to which bracelets, necklaces, fan pulls and keychains are made from.

Box Chain – A box chain is made up of square links square, resembling a box, which are connected. It is a sturdy chain and would look great with a charm or pendant hanging from it.

Byzantine Chain – The Byzantine chain is a intricate group of links intermingling with each other. It is made up of round and oval shaped links, and looks lovely worn by itself, because of it’s detail.

Cable Chain – A cable chain, also known as link chain, is made up of round or oval links of the same size. It is a very popular and is the style that most people pick for a simple necklace with a pendant, or a charm.

Figaro Chain – The Figaro chain, has flattened links and does not have one uniform size links. It usually has 2 or 3 shorter links alternating with a longer link.

Panther Chain – A chain which is flat and has domed alternating links gradually spaced apart.

Popcorn Chain – This chain is rounded and a variation of the Panther Chain. This chain drapes on the neck, quite lovely.. and it’s silky smooth and lightweight too, which makes it a casual everyday wear choice.

Rolo Chain – No, it’s not named after Rolo chocolate candy… but this chain has round links which are connected together that are durable and come in different sizes, as well as designs.

Rope Chain – A rope chain consists of oval links that are linked so that they produce a woven rope like look, in a spiral effect. This chain is one of the most versatile and loved of all the many types of jewelry chains. It is sturdy and has an interwoven look.  This chain is a popular choice for men, because of it’s strength, making it a perfect choice for everyday wear.

Snake Chain – Another name for this chain is the Brazilian chain… The snake chain is not made up of traditional links. It has round wavy smooth metal plate looking links that are joined together forming a flexible chain. It looks like a smooth snake skin, hence it’s name.

Venetian Link Chain – This chain is much like the box chain, which is also made up of square links flattened together.

Wheat Chain – Wheat Chains are normally created with four stands of oval and twisted oval links. The links are braided and woven together to make a lovely looking chain that is quite eye-catching!

Diamond and Gemstone

Single, solitaire pendants are a classic gift choice for any occasion... or just because you want to surprise your sweetheart! There are a variety of cuts, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

If you're looking for a great birthday gift, many choose birthstone necklaces for all ages - from simple solitaire stones to intricately detailed gemstone settings.

If you would like a more significant gift to celebrate a milestone or convey a message of commitment, diamond solitaires are and excellent choice. Round cut diamonds are the most traditional, but many like the edgy look of a princess cut or the extra sparkle of an invisible-set cluster. There is also a wide range of fancy designed gemstone and diamond necklaces set in silver and gold that provide unique and fanciful alternatives to the solitaire.

For a great anniversary, mother's day present or romantic gift, try our diamond heart, diamond infinity, or Journey collections.

Necklace Sizing

When you are purchasing a necklace for yourself or for a gift, sometimes it is difficult to judge how far it will lay around your neck or the person you are giving the necklace to. Below is a guide to demonstrate how a necklace will hang for each length.

Ring Guide

The first place to start when selecting a ring is to determine, as closely as you can, the ring size you need. If it's a surprise gift, there are ways to make a fairly accurate assessment of the ring size without giving away the secret. If you have access to a ring he or she already wears, this PDF guide can be useful in determining what size you will need. Make sure to take account for the finger the ring is worn on. It is very common for the right ring finger to be 1/4 to 1/2 size bigger than the left hand ring finger. Another alternative is to ask friends or family if they can get the ring size for you. Many times close friends or relatives are able to get details in a discreet manner that will not be noticed.

If you are shopping for a ring and don't know your ring size, stop by one of our stores to find the perfect size for you. If you are shopping for a future fiance, try and get the size from one of their current rings they wear.

When picking a gemstone ring, keep in mind how and when it will be worn. Most colored gemstones require a little more care in order to keep them shining. Make sure the recipient is aware of the proper care for each stone.

Here is a list of birthstones for each month:

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine

April - Diamond

May - Emerald

June - Pearl, Alexandrite

July  - Ruby

August - Peridot

September - Sapphire

October - Tourmaline, Opal

November - Citrine, Topaz

December - Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise

Alternative metal rings are a popular choice today, especially for men’s bands. One thing to keep in mind is that these cannot be sized once they are ordered, so it is especially important to get the right figure measurement the first time.


Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium rings can all be resized, but always take into consideration the setting, type of stones in the ring, and the style. For example, eternity bands cannot be resized since the stones go all the way around the ring – there is nothing to add to or take away from without damaging the ring. The side stones and center stone durability in the setting can also be affected if you are changing ring size drastically. If it is a simple solitaire mounting, however, sizing is very simple and secure even if it is a drastic change. Certain fashion rings with small crystals, enamel or multiple bands can also be limited in sizing capabilities.

How Should a Ring Fit?

It is very normal for fingers to expand and contract throughout the day and with temperature changes. It is good to take multiple size measurements to determine what the average is. A ring should not too easily slide over the knuckle, but it shouldn’t be painful or take long to get it off either. Slightly wiggling the ring back and forth with a light amount of force should be enough. If the ring spins or slides up and down the finger easily, you may need to resize it. If you have a doubt as to how secure it is, bring it by your local jeweler to evaluate the fit and determine what action needs to be taken to improve its comfort for you.  If the ring has a wide shank or band, then it will fit more snuggly than a thinner shank. You may need to go up a quarter or half size if you are looking for a ring with a wider shank to avoid it becoming too tight.

Engagement rings

Getting married is one of the biggest if not the most significant choices one will make in their lifetime, therefore it requires much thought and a greater investment of time and resources to pick the perfect ring to symbolize your commitment. No matter what the style, size, or budget – the most important thing to remember is the person you are choosing and why you love them. The engagement ring is a reminder for that person and a symbol of the love and commitment you share.